Dealing With Workplace “Tough Stuff”

Dealing With Workplace “Tough Stuff”

As a leader nothing is more frustrating than dealing with workplace “people problems.” You can turn your back and hope they will go away, but they rarely do. So, here are some important reminders for us all:

  • Not only are the poor performers not doing their jobs, they’re probably preventing the top performers from doing their jobs as well.


  • When you do confront workplace problems, be sure to control your emotions. Certainly that’s easier said than done – especially when you’re caught off guard. So, expect the unexpected.  Assume – going into the discussion – that something may happen to trigger your emotions, and have a plan for exactly what you’ll do to avoid “losing it.”


  • The best way to begin a problem-solving process is by preparing behavioral statements that identify both DESIRED and ACTUAL performance. Behavioral statements are descriptions of things people say and do. These statements lay out the facts and establish a clear and specific performance gap


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