How to Get More Done Every Workday

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How do you save time? The fact is you can’t! There is no way you can actually save time, but there are numerous ways you can use your time more effectively. And, here are a few of my favorites from Time! 105 Ways to Get More Done Every Workday.

  • ~ Begin with your “A” priorities and work your way to the “nice to do” items. If you accomplish nothing, other than your number one priority, you’ll be ahead.  One of the worst uses of time is to do your “C” priorities first and never get around to your “A” priorities.
  • ~ Exercise e-mail discipline. Checking e-mail can become a habit that distracts you from productive work. So, limit checking to two or three times a day. Set a schedule – for example, 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. If there’s anything urgent, respond right way, but be more relaxed about the rest. A true emergency will usually arrive in person or by phone.
  • ~ At least 24 hours before a meeting you are conducting, distribute an agenda addressing four important questions:
    • Why am I investing time in this meeting?
    • How long will it last?
    • Who’s attending?
    • What are the expectations?

… And, if you’re not the one leading the meeting, ask for an agenda in advance.

  • Meeting’s over. But wait! Do you really think everyone knows what they are supposed to do next? Don’t assume anything! Before leaving the meeting, recap so everyone knows who’s responsible for any next steps, when actions should take place, and how results will be communicated.

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105 Ways to Get More Done Every Workday

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Not Enough Hours In The Day?

Not Enough Hours In The Day?

Well, here are some tips and techniques from noted author David Cottrell’s book TIME! 105 Ways to Get More Done Every Workday:

# 2     Set your alarm clock 15 minutes ahead. Yes, it’s kind of like playing a practical joke on yourself, but you’ll be surprised how it can help you get going in the morning if you just wake up and pretend it’s 15 minutes later than it actually is. You’ll get out the door faster and into the office sooner – or, if some minor catastrophe occurs that throws potholes in your way, you’ll have some extra time to wrangle with them.

# 61   Focus on what’s important. Take care of the most important item on the agenda first.  If nothing else is accomplished, make sure you accomplish the most important reason for calling the meeting. This is worth repeating: Do not allow time in meetings for solving hundred-dollar problems when you’re spending thousands on the meeting.

# 96    Want to make a positive difference? Ask your peers and subordinates, “What do I do that wastes your time and hinders your performance?” Be prepared for some frank – and surprising – answers. You may learn that some of your efforts are not really helping others be more productive.

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105 Ways to Get More Done Every Workday

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