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“A smile is the light on your face that let’s someone know you’re home.”

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The Power of Attitude

The Power of Attitude Book

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“Passion is contagious and when you have the courage to share your passion for life with those around you it can inspire others to find the path to their dreams!”
~Michele DeVille

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I’m sure you’ve seen this scenario play out many times: One person’s positive thought becomes a spark of inspiration which ignites nearby hearts and minds. Now consider what happens when hundreds of inspired minds come together…

In Live Inspired, author Michelle Sedas draws upon the inspiration from passionate thinkers across the globe as she calls us to Awaken, Explore, Dream, and Listen to the world around us. Sprinkled throughout her collection of uplifting and touching stories, you’ll find sentiments from community members who are creating their own sparks of inspiration. This powerful collaboration is the perfect kindling to ignite your internal flame. Let Live Inspired give you the courage to share your passion with others as you live the life you’ve always imagined.

Please pass this along to others so that they, too, can be encouraged to Live Inspired.

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Eric Harvey
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Excerpted from Live Inspired by Michelle Sedas

“Living inspired is born in the awareness that this is it! We have one chance at life.
And the wonderful gift we are given every morning is the choice of
how we are going to live that moment, that day.”
~Sally Cofer-Lindberg
Modesto, California


On that fateful day, my husband and I were staying in a hotel in Portland, Oregon, our “home” for six weeks. After the early morning phone call alerting us to the tragedy, we sat, as those all over the world, in shock as we watched the events unfolding before us on the morning of September 11, 2001. Alone in a new city, trying to gather our bearings, we lived the next few days in a fog. I felt guilty for laughing. After all, “How could I be happy when so much sadness had befallen my fellow Americans?”

Alone during the day while my husband worked, I navigated this new city by myself. The city was nice enough, but it was not my city. The people were friendly enough, but these were not my people. I was in a different place, surrounded by strangers, as questions of security, stability, and the meaning of life flooded my mind. In this adopted city, shows of patriotism were overwhelming. Flags were hung outside of buildings. People gathered for candlelight vigils. As a group, we were searching for meaning as the events replayed over and over in our minds. Adults all over the city were concerned. A change had taken place. Times were now different.

One afternoon, as I was walking around the city, I sat on a park bench. The somber mood of the city, and of the entire nation, weighted heavily on my mind. Holding my head in my hands, I began to cry for those lost. When I opened my eyes, I saw her. A young girl, probably five or six, dancing in an outdoor fountain. Seeing the smile on her face, the joy in her movements, my heart began to gladden. I was filled with a sense of calm, of well-being, of knowing that things would be okay. Here, this darling child before me was not burdened. She did not worry for her safety. She was not overwhelmed with sadness. Instead, with her childlike wonder, she was laughing, and dancing, basking in the beautiful day. This was the moment when I saw hope. Hope for our lives and for our nation.

It’s possible that when you’re feeling free and unburdened, your first reaction isn’t to dance. But picture a time when you’ve felt like this precious child dancing in the fountain; when you’ve felt light, uninhibited, inspired. I want you to describe that feeling. There is a Hopi Indian saying that says, “To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.” When you “dance,” what does your heart say?

“I wake up every morning and I say, “Yes!” to life, for the air is crisp, the flowers are fresh, and the birds are singing. The same power which enlivens those beautiful creatures can empower me today. For the same power which gives breath to men and a song to the birds will give me the power to achieve. This inspires me day after day…after day, to reach for the future, with hope.”
~Judith Brown-Foster
St. Catherine, Jamaica

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