“The Heart of a Leader”

Here is a powerful message from highly acclaimed leadership expert Ken Blanchard from in his best-selling book “The Heart of a Leader”:

In my travels, I’ve seen a lot of unmotivated people at work, but I’ve never seen an unmotivated person after work. When five o’clock rolls around, people race from the office to play golf or tennis, coach Little League, and pursue other pastimes. People are motivated to do things that provide them with feedback on results. Feedback is important to people. We all want to know how well we’re doing. That’s why it is essential for an effective performance review system to provide ongoing feedback.

Too often managers save up negative information and unload it all at once after a minor incident or during the annual performance review session. Others “whitewash” performance reviews and act like everything is OK when it really isn’t. When people are attacked or not dealt with truthfully, they lose respect for their organization and pride in their work.

I firmly believe that providing feedback is the most cost effective strategy for improving performance and instilling satisfaction. It can be done quickly, it costs nothing, and it can turn people around fast.

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The Heart of a Leader

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