Your Leadership Solution…And a Special Offer!

Your Leadership Solution…And a Special Offer!


Down in the dumps?
Working below their true potential?
Not as focused, collaborative, or results-oriented as you need them to be?

Want to change that?

Well, we have the solution AND A SPECIAL OFFER for you and your colleagues:
THE Energize Everyone Trio! 
~ 3 powerful handbooks!
~ 540 practical tips and techniques to energize and inspire your team!
~ All for the low price of $24.00!

This Special Offer Ends Monday, October 17, 2011.

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT

Today’s Leadership Solution is from:
Energize Everyone Trio Book Imagewas $29.95 – is now only $24!

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A Must Have for All Leaders

A Collection of Our Most Powerful Resources!
The Walk The Talk Lead Right Library
14 best-selling “How-to” resources to help you become a more effective and respected leader

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“How-to” resources to help leaders be more effective at helping others:

  • Stay motivated and focused
  • Adopt a high-performance mindset
  • Effectively deal with change
  • Solve performance problems
  • Perform with integrity
  • Stop whining and start winning
  • Produce bottom-line results

Only $79.95

order nowTwo Days ONLY — Offer ends Friday, October 22 at midnight so act now!

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Mid-Summer Sale

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Mid-Summer Sale!

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