Live Your Life Like It Matters

Here are some powerful tips to help you and others to Live Your Life Like It Matters:

•Choose to be enthusiastic at work today. If you encounter anyone who is being critical or negative, spread some sunshine their way. Your enthusiasm can positively affect others. Misery might love company, but enthusiasm is contagious! Help others catch it!
•Challenge yourself to “raise the bar.” Set personal goals to improve your job and the interactions that are a part of your daily routine. Compete against YOU – don’t compare yourself with others or wait for someone else to elevate your performance.
•At the end of each day, or project, or week: replay your performance. Take an inventory of what you did well, and what you can do better. Learn from your successes and from those things you didn’t handle that well.  As you consider all your activities, where do you see potential areas of improvement? Truly effective people wear an invisible sign that reads…

Working to be better today than yesterday – and better tomorrow than today!

 Lead well … LEAD RIGHT

Today’s Leadership Solution comes from the Book:

180 Ways to Live your Life like it Matters

180 Ways to Live Your Life Like It Matters

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Daily Quote: What We Give

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
~Winston Churchill

Today’s Quote is in the book:

180 Ways to Live your Life Like it Matters

180 Ways to Live Your Life Like It Matters Personal and Professional Development Kit


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How To Live Your Life Like It Matters

How To Live Your Life Like It Matters

1. Let your team members and senior managers know that you appreciate their support and dedication.  Do it often. People want to know that they matter. Learn how they prefer appreciation to be expressed. Different people have different drivers and motivators. Make the expression of gratitude a daily habit.

2. Today, bring fire to all your interactions. Passion is the fire that burns to greatness. In emails, conversations and interactions, remind people how lucky you (and they) are to be important parts of your organization. Get your fellow team members sparked about the many opportunities available to impact people with your products or services. Help others see the bigger picture and encourage them to become emotionally involved with everything you do!  Infect others with your passion. When people get excited, great things happen!

3. Become a note taker extraordinaire! When having conversations or attending meetings, make a habit of taking notes.  It shows that you are involved with what is going on and ensures that you will remember what needs to be done. There is only so much space in our “Random Access Memory.”  You won’t be able to remember everything, but you can write things down for future reference. Remembering all the things that matter helps you live a life that matters.

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 180 Ways To Live Your Life Like It Matters Personal and Professional Development Kit contains:

~ Copy of the book 180 Ways To Live Your Life Like It Matters

~ Individual & Group Discussion Questions and Learning Exercises

~ The 180 Ways to Live Your Life Like It Matters Motivational Movie

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Passion Is Contagious

Find someone in your life who demonstrates passion

 in their field of endeavor. Interview them; learn from

 them; find out why they are so excited about what

 they are doing. Studying the passion in others will

likely spark more passion in YOU!

~Scott V. Black

Today’s Inspiration Comes From:

180 Ways to Life Your Life Like It Matters

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Powerful movie on Leadership

How to Live Your Life Like It Matters

In Scott Black’s new book, he gives us a powerful leadership reminder:

“When employees live their lives like they matter, they do their jobs like they matter.”

The leader then needs to envision a larger responsibility.  One where “getting the job done” also includes:

  • Building passion and commitment
  • Creating vision and purpose
  • Developing teamwork and cooperation


So sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy this powerful three-minute movie on Leadership.

Watch Now

Today’s movie comes from:

180 Ways to Live Your Life Like It Matters

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Live Your Life Like It Matters

Live Your Life Like It Matters

In Scott Black’s powerful new book, he gives us “180 Ways” to live your life like it matters. Here are a few that really resonated with me…

#10 - Focus on what you get to do rather than what you have to do. Choose to be excited about the opportunities you have today to positively affect people and outcomes. Think about the impact you can make and notice how your passion and excitement carry you through the day.
#46 - Learn by teaching. One of the best ways to learn something new is to teach it to someone else. If there is something you want to learn in your organization, volunteer to teach it. If there are new rules, a new software program, a new initiative – see if you can teach it to the rest of the team. Not only will you show your willingness to be a team player, you will also master that thing that you are teaching!
#96 – Identify your goals for the week. People don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan. Some don’t set goals … others fail to write them down. Be exceptional – be a goal getter! How will you know if you had a successful week or not? Begin with the end in mind. What are the things you want to accomplish? Write them down and monitor them.

Today’s Leadership Solution comes from:

180 Ways to Live Your Life Like It Matters

Also available in digital format:
How to Lead From a Distance E-Book

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