Performance Problems: An Employee’s Perspective

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Performance Problems: An Employee’s Perspective

When it comes to dealing with performance problems, I don’t envy you a bit. It has to be one of the biggest pains you face. You see, I’ve been there. Although my experiences have mostly been away from the job, I still know what it’s like to deal with “people problems.” It’s a tough thing to do. (Being on the receiving end is no walk in the park either!) And at work, it’s a subject I have strong feelings about – mostly on how and when it’s done.

If I mess up, I don’t expect you to overlook it. Just treat me with respect, deal with the facts, consider my side, and give me a chance to correct the problem. And please, don’t wait for me to get into deep weeds before you talk with me. The sooner you bring it up, the sooner I can fix it. Generally, how I respond will be determined by how you deal with me. Talk to me like an adult, and I’ll most likely respond in kind. If I don’t, I’m “the heavy,” not you … and I’ve brought on any consequences I receive.

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