Daily Quote: Making the Journey Fun

“Creative teachers don’t just focus on the destination, they make the journey fun.”
~Paula J. Fox

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Heart of a Teacher 

Heart of a Teacher

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Catching Firefiles

Paula J. Fox’s book Heart of a Teacher is an inspirational masterpiece! A perfect gift for this holiday season, this book’s stories, quotes and beautiful original poetry will grab the heart of any teacher or anyone whose life has been influenced by those wonderful men and women who lead, teach, and inspire us.  

Enjoy today’s excerpt on catching fireflies. May you be inspired to discover the fireflies which exist all around you.

Live Inspired,

Michelle Sedas

Excerpted from Heart of a Teacher by Paula J. Fox

Catching Fireflies

When you first see a firefly light up the darkness, the moment takes on a magical quality. It makes you catch your breath and stop what you’re doing. Your senses are suddenly heightened as you watch intently for the next flash of light, never quite sure where it will come from. Teaching children to “catch fireflies” can be a magical adventure as well. I’m not talking about the little lightning bugs found in nature, but the kind of “fireflies” that are those sparkling moments in our lives that brighten our day and make us feel better.

They are the small moments of brilliance and joy we discover in the course of a normal day that can bring light into our lives and make us want to share the good feelings. It may be an affirming word, an unexpected surprise, an act of kindness, a touch of beauty found in nature, a smile, a hug, and countless other examples of things that lift our spirits and make the world a better place. “Fireflies” are “God moments”…those times we suddenly become aware that God is in the moment, touching our lives in a special way, and we are encouraged and inspired by that personal touch.

Children catch on to this little treasure hunt quickly and delight in sharing what they find. One special first grade teacher decorates a large jar to put “fireflies” in. The children in her class use small pieces of yellow paper to write down or draw a picture of their “firefly.” When they tell the class about it during the sharing time, they get to fold up their “firefly” and put it in the jar. Not only is this little activity fun, but it teaches children to look for the good things in their lives and to celebrate the small joys in each day, turning “firefly” moments into magical learning experiences.

In her book, My Stroke of Insight, Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. tells us…

Our minds are highly sophisticated “seek and ye shall find” instruments. We are designed to focus on whatever we are looking for. If we seek red in the world then we will find it everywhere. Perhaps just a little in the beginning, but the longer we stay focused on looking for red, then before we know it, we will see red everywhere.

If we focus on looking for “fireflies,” we will see them everywhere!

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~Paula J. Fox

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