Daily Quote: What Matters Most…

It’s not the size of the man, but the size of his heart that matters.

~Evander Holyfield

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Passionate Performance

Passionate Performance

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Creating Passionate Performers

Creating Passionate Performers

What does Passionate Performance look like?  How will you know when your employees are giving it?  Look for signs of the big payoff from Passionate Performancediscretionary effort – people choosing to do more for you.  You’ll know your employees are giving discretionary effort when they:

  • choose to work late to complete a project;
  • ask how they can better serve another team member or department;
  • inquire about how their actions affect another function or the customer;
  • make a connection between their decisions and the company’s financial results;
  • treat company resources like their own;
  • initiate improvements in work methods;
  • look beyond their own roles for improvement opportunities; and
  • pursue self-development on their own time.

Leading With Values

Today’s Leadership Solution comes from: Passionate Performance

Engaging Minds and Hearts to Conquer The Competition

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