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So often we look at success as a function of mutual exclusiveness where someone wins at the expense of someone else losing! But, in successful organizations today, that is just not the case. We can all achieve success and ensure the success of the organization simultaneously. And, it is the job of the leader on each team to help make that happen.

In the “How To” handbook 180 Ways to Ensure Your Success… And the Success of Your Organization, author Donna Long gives us a full range of tactical and practical techniques and here are a few of my favorites:

  • Pass the baton. Let others occasionally take the lead on tasks and project activities you oversee. Allowing team members to “spread their wings” and “call some of the shots” demonstrates your trust and confidence – two keys for positive relationships.
  • Go beyond your defined job. If you are able to do more than is assigned or expected, take the plunge and get it done. This is a great way to expand your horizons and increase your value as a team member and employee.
  • Measure performance and analyze results. Look for patterns of success, and determine the contributing factors that can be replicated elsewhere. Be sure to include those involved with the areas being measured – and use this as an opportunity to celebrate their successes.
  • Embrace change. Much of the anxiety we experience comes from change that interrupts the normal flow of our lives. It might be getting a new boss, facing reorganization, or receiving a new assignment. Instead of seeing the change as something that negatively upsets your routine, consider the growth opportunity it represents.

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How to Ensure Your Success

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How to Ensure Your Success

In order to achieve the levels of success you and your colleagues want and need, you must be focused and committed.  More importantly, you must turn your good intentions into actions; here are a few success tips to consider from 180 Ways to Ensure Your Success…And the Success of Others:

# 77: Record your commitments. 
If you are meeting with an individual or a team, always take notes indicating what you have promised to do.  Include details of your commitment, time frames, and contact information.  Then follow through.

#108: Use the PDCA improvement cycle. 
1) Plan an improvement.
2) Do – implement the change.
3) Check – measure success.
4) Act – make adjustments. 

Then, do it all over again!

#175: Think gray, not black and white.  
Things are not always good or bad, right or wrong – they are often somewhere in between.  Recognizing this fact will help you respond to challenging situations more appropriately – and with a more open mind.

Passport: Do the Right Thing
Today’s tip comes from 180 Ways to Ensure Your Success…
And The Success of Your Organization

by: Donna Long

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