Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a wonderful objective, but it must be backed up with actions and behaviors. Here are three success tips from the “How To” Handbook 180 Ways to Ensure Your Success … And the Success of Your Organization:

1. Prioritize your work. Start with what’s important and urgent; then do what’s important, but not urgent; next do what’s not important, but urgent (meaning it has a deadline to act). What are left should be time-wasters that don’t require action at all.

2. Go beyond your defined job. If you are able to do more than is assigned or expected, take the plunge and get it done. This is a great way to expand your horizons and increase your value as a team member and employee.


3. Measure performance and analyze results. Look for patterns of success, and determine the contributing factors that can be replicated elsewhere. Be sure to include those involved with the areas being measured – and use this as an opportunity to celebrate their successes.

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