Daily Quote: Be Kind to Your Mind

“Be kind to your mind. Even when your mind frustrates you, don’t berate it or yell at it.
Instead, give your mind gentle reminders: ‘Time to focus now…and now…and now.’”
~ Sondra Kornblatt

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A Better Brain at Any Age

A Better Brain At Any Age

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Change your brain

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Walk The Talk Daily Motivation

As you change your brain, you’ll also change your life, by becoming more connected to your senses and feeling more alive. Your awareness will grow, you’ll be able to make better, more informed choices, and even appreciate the beauty you may have forgotten.
~Sondra Kornblatt

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A Better Brain at Any Age

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The Power of Inspiration
With Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and mental health issues being prevalent throughout the branches of my family tree, I place a great deal of importance on doing whatever I can to have a healthy brain. This week’s fascinating read, A Better Brain at Any Age, gave me simple exercises, clear explanations and, most of all, a sense of empowerment to know that there are small, effective things that I can do to enhance my brain’s functioning. Today, I invite you to learn more about this life-changing book that can help you have a better brain…at any age.

Forget to Remember
excerpted from A Better Brain at Any Age by Sondra Kornblatt
Forgetting is a good thing. Yes, it’s awkward to forget the name of a former client or the milk at the store. And nobody wants to get Alzheimer’s–forgetting the names of loved ones. Still, do you really want to remember what you had for dinner on Wednesday…three weeks ago? We need to forget or “trivial moments would clog our minds,” says Dr. John Ratey, author of User’s Guide to the Brain.Remembering is a good thing, too. Remembering and forgetting and remembering create learning. That helps you increase your brain’s neurogenesis. Learning also creates and strengthens neuropathways, making familiar habits stronger (like deepening the ruts on a cross-country path) and engaging less-used neurons (so you can ski in new locations.) 
A Better Brain at Any Age
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