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Small Decisions Big Dreams

Today we are proud to host a very special Guest Blogger, Lisa Hammond. Lisa’s, AKA “The Barefoot CEO,”  is a bestselling author, blogger and all around inspiring person!

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Small Decisions Big Dreams

They say don’t sweat the small stuff, but maybe it is the small stuff that actually matters.

I have been thinking about all of the weight we give to the big decisions in life. How much pressure we place on ourselves to make the right choices when it comes to deciding on a career path, buying a car, picking a place to live, whether or not to keep this job or that.

Think of all of the time and energy you put into the big decisions in your life…

Yet we virtually ignore the small decisions in our lives. We hardly give a second thought to all of the tiny matters throughout the day. Whether or not to stop on our way to work for that $5 cup of coffee, to eat or not to eat that second chocolate chip cookie, to use the treadmill for an actual workout vs. a just clothes hanger, whether or not to buy just one more tube of lipstick while we grab that loaf of bread.

Maybe the decisions we aren’t making are the ones that are truly deciding the direction our lives take…

Many people ask me how I got the money to start Femail Creations. It pretty much came down to French fries.  When I say that people look at me like I am crazy. But it was the simple choices, like giving up fast food and going to the movies twenty years ago that allowed us to save every penny we could toward the down payment on our first home.  And it was ultimately mortgaging our house many times over that allowed me to get Femail Creations off the ground almost two decade ago.

Sometimes it is as simple as skipping that side order–and believe me that was the true definition of delayed gratification for a girl addicted to French fries!   Small decisions lead to big dreams. 

More and more I have come to believe it is actually the small seemingly inconsequential decisions that are making up the fabric of our lives.

Recently I have been facing a lot of big decisions and today I remembered, it’s the small stuff that matters, always has been, always will be.

Here’s to the little things in life!

 Lisa Hammond

Author Of Dream Big & Oil For Your Lamp


Dream BigOil for Your Lamp



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