Your Daily Motivation 12/30/16

We are all in this together; we are not nearly as right as we think we are and others are not nearly as wrong as we would like to believe.

Pat Bailey

In- 100/0 Principle

The 100/0 Principle

Your Daily Motivation 12/29/16

The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear.

In- How Successful People Think

How Successful People Think

Your Daily Motivation 12/28/16

Ignorance, the absense of information and knowlegde, is the root cause to most of our problems. We simply do not knowwhat we do not know.

In- The i in TEAM

The i In Team

Daily Motivation 12/27/26

Look at everything as though you are seeing it for the first time, with eyes of a child, fresh with wonder.

- Joseph Cornell

In- The Power of Attitude

The Power of Attitude

Your Daily Motivation 12/23/16

There is no scarcity of the things that matter most- like love and forgiveness. The more we give, the more we have to give.

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Your Daily Motivation 12/22/16

Look at your inner circle. Are the people in that circle heading in the direction you want to go?

In- What Makes the Great Ones Great 

What Makes the Great Ones Great

Your Daily Motivation 12/21/16

Look to your heart and find reasons to be happy instead of looking to the past and to the world for reasons to be upset.

In- Smile For No Good Reason

Smile For No Good Reason

Your Daily Motivation

I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything.
So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.

 ~Larry King

Today’s Quote is in the book: Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons Movie

Your Daily Motivation 12/19/16

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you-

they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”

~Bernice Johnson Reagon

Found in the book:

Oil For Your Lamp

Oil for Your Lamp

Your Daily Motivation 12/16/16

“Beautiful light is born of darkness, so the faith that springs from conflict is often the strongest and best.”

~R. Turnbull

Found in the book:

The Power of Attitude

The Power of Attitude