Daily Motivation: Your cracked!

“A good friend is someone who thinks that you’re a good egg
even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

~Bernard Meltzer

Found in the book:

Friends: The Family We Choose For Ourselves

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Daily Motivation: Say NO

Say no to anything that is not a high-value use of your time and your life.
~ Brian Tracy

Quote from the book:

Eat That Frog!  21 Great Ways to Get More Done in Less Time


Daily Motivation: Not what they are built for

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are build for.”

~Grace Hopper

Found in the book:

Motivational Quotes

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Daily Motivation: Never Forget

Never forget … attitudes are contagious. Always ask … is mine worth catching?

Attitude is Everything
Attitude Is Everything

Daily Motivation: Slow Down

“To experience a simplified life, we first have to learn to slow down long enough to see through all the clutter. We need to realize that we are powerful magnets that attracted this life to ourselves – no matter what – good or bad.”

Found in the book:

Stress Is A Choice

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Daily Motivation: Great Opportunities Disguised

Photo: The essence of true art is that it still contains the flavors, the fragrance of that state of consciousness out of which the original inspiration came." Eckhart Tolle.<br />That's why none of my photos are photoshopped<br />http://peaceinthepresentmoment.net/abused-to-awakened/

From the book:

Peace in the Present Moment

Daily Motivation: Be aware of all you are


Found in the book:

Smile For No Good Reason

Daily Motivation: Light a Candle

“It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Chinese Proverb

Found in the Book:

Welcome The Rain

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Daily Motivation: Pause

“If you feel your life tightening around you, pause. Direct your mind and actions in the direction you choose.”

~ Dr. Lee Jampolsky

From his book:

Smile For No Good Reason

Daily Motivation: Spiritual Growth…

“Faced with a crisis that demands resolution … you need to search for the potential for spiritual growth inherent in the situation.”

~Caroline Myss PH.D.

Found in the book:

Smile For No Good Reason

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