How to Hire and Select the Best of the Best

To ensure you are able to select and hire the best of the best job candidate you must first develop a Three-Dimensional Candidate Profile that outlines the attributes and qualities an ideal candidate will possess. What are the primary duties and responsibilities of the position? What technical knowledge, skills and experience are required? What attitude and personal motivation are desired? What values and working style will fit best within your organization?

A straightforward approach for capturing and organizing this information is to put together a Three-Dimensional Candidate Profile for the position. You break down the job into three dimensions or categories that you are going to use to evaluate candidates.

  • Capability: Technical Knowledge & Skills needed
  • Commitment: Personal Attitude & Motivation needed
  • Chemistry: Key Values & Work Style needed
When gathering input for the candidate profile, consider tapping a variety of resources. The formal job description, of course, is a given. But don’t stop there. Ask supervisors, peers and subordinates for their thoughts regarding the characteristics of an ideal candidate. And don’t forget customers and vendors who will interact regularly with whoever is selected. They can provide valuable insights into desired skills and attributes that may not be mentioned on the official position description.Lead Well … Lead Right,

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Three-Dimensional Interviewing

Hiring for Capability, Commitment, and Chemistry

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