The mutual commitment of five star teams is driven by three primary factors – the first of which is respect. Team members value and appreciate the inherent worth of each person in the group. While all members may not contribute equally, each is considered equally important. And each is afforded the basic dignity that he or she deserves as a human being. In five star teams, understanding and acceptance is paramount – there’s no room for derogatory humor, insults, backstabbing, or other us vs. them behaviors which are not only disrespectful but also counterproductive.

The second factor that drives commitment to each other is interdependency. Members of five star teams grasp the reality that their personal success is linked to one another’s … that they achieve only when the entire team does. As a result, they are truly motivated to contribute to each other’s success. They back up and support their teammates. They “pinch hit” for coworkers who are under the weather or otherwise unable to give one hundred percent. They build mutual trust through open and honest communication. They cooperate willingly. And they work hard at avoiding things like turf battles, rivalries, and favoritism – all of which do nothing but hamper their ability to get the job done. No one has to remind them that they need each other – they know it. More importantly, they show it!

Finally, the third factor driving mutual commitment has to do with the law ofreciprocity. Members of five star teams are keenly aware that “what goes around comes around.” They know that in order to get things like assistance, support, courtesy, caring, honestly, and the benefit of the doubt, they must be willing to give them as well. And give them they do!

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From: Five Star Teamwork

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