The Benefits of Involvement and Engagement

Each of us knows that employee involvement and engagement is important to the success of our business. Here are a few stats that really bring that point home and motivate us all to get every team member performing at their highest level of enthusiasm and productivity.

  • Highly engaged employees outperform their disengaged colleagues by 20-28%.(The Conference Board)
  • Engaged employees generate 40% + more revenue than disengaged ones. (Hay Group)
  • 70% of engaged employees indicate they have a good understanding of how to meet customer needs, while only 17% of disengaged employees say the same.(Right Management)
  • Engaged employees take an average of nearly 60% fewer sick days per year than disengaged employees. (Gallup)
So… getting your employees fully engaged is more than just a good idea – it’s essential to the viability of your enterprise!