The 5 "A’s" of Leadership

Here are some great reminders of what it takes to be an effective and respective leader. Author John Baldoni refers to them as The 5 “A’s” of Leadership.

Approachable – Listen to what others have to say. Make yourself accessible to others and invite them to talk about whatever is on their mind.

Accepting – Keep an open mind. Good ideas can come from everyone – managers, engineers, accountants, workers. In fact, many of the best ideas do come from hourly workers because they are the ones working the process of making the product.

Acknowledging – Recognize the contributions of others. Thank someone every day and let them know when they’ve done a good job.

Accountable – Be responsible for yourself and the actions of others under your charge.

Adaptable – Change is not so much an aspect of business as it is business itself. Think about where your organization and your people need to be in the future, not where you are today, and make the adjustments necessary to get there.


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