If Life Is a Game … These Are the Rules

Is there a template for a happy life? How can you fulfill your dreams? Is there a way to make your journey in life easier?

We all struggle with the answers to these questions. That’s why it’s so refreshing to read Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott’s simple and straightforward book, If Life Is a Game … These Are the Rules: 10 Rules for Being Human. In it, Chérie shares the lessons that all of us need to learn to find our true purpose in life … and to do so with joy!

If Life Is a Game … These Are the Rules is an international bestseller with over 4 million copies sold. Chérie is the author of 14 books and has been on the Oprah Show several times to share her insights about what makes us tick and what makes us happy.

I’m delighted to share with you introduction to If Life Is a Game … These Are the Rules.

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Excerpted from If Life Is a Game … These Are the Rules
Life has often been compared to a game.
We are never told the rules, unfortunately, nor given any instructions about how to play. We simply begin at “go” and make our way around the board, hoping we play it right. We don’t exactly know the objective of playing, nor what it means to actually win.
That is what Ten Rules for Being Human is all about. These are the guidelines to playing the game we call life, but they are also much more than that. These Rules will provide you with a basic spiritual primer for what it means to be a human. They are universal truths that everyone inherently knows but has forgotten somewhere along the way. They form the foundation of how we can live a fulfilling, meaningful life.
Each Rule presents its own challenge, which in turn provides certain lessons we all need to learn. Every person on the planet has his or her own set of lessons to learn that are separate and unique from everyone else’s, and these lessons, as you will see in Rule Four, will reappear until they are mastered.
The Ten Rules for Being Human are not magic, nor do they promise ten easy steps to serenity. They offer no quick fix for emotional or spiritual ailments, and they are not fast track secrets to enlightenment. Their only purpose is to give you a road map to follow as you travel your path of spiritual growth.
These Rules are not mandates, but rather guidelines as to how to play the game. There is nothing you absolutely must do. I hope this book will help you to become more aware of them. By learning the valuable lessons and wisdom they offer, your journey on the Earth might just a bit easier.
“While reading this book, you will begin to see your life from a whole new perspective. If you embrace the principles in this book, I promise you that your life will magically transform and that you will learn the secrets to manifesting your heart’s desire.”
~ Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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