The How of Wow!

How can you stay ahead of your competition? The secret is in “wowing your customers.”

It’s all about creating raving fans — customer advocates who go out of their way to spread the good word about the experiences they have consistently had with you. In The How of Wow!, award-winning author John Murphy shares 10 secrets for creating world class service where wowing customers is not a one-off exception — it is the rule.

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Excerpted from The How of Wow! Secrets Behind World Class Service
Problems are good, not bad.
Welcome them and become the solution.
~Mark Victor Hansen
Tom Peters once said, “We need to learn to make our mistakes faster.” In other words, we need to learn faster. Mistakes are often how we learn the most memorable lessons. Consider a child in early development, learning to walk and talk. Each mistake provides valuable feedback and an opportunity to learn and make adjustments. The same is true in competitive sports. There is no such thing as a game without mistakes. The key is to adjust quickly and move on.
Smart businesses use techniques like “poka yoke” (mistake-proofing) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to prevent mistakes, mitigate risk and eliminate common errors before they happen, but they also use methods like AAR (After Action Reviews) to evaluate what has already happened and implement corrective actions. When customers are involved, these tools are essential to turning mistakes into opportunities. The only way to get a “wow” out of a mistake is to correct it in such a way that the customer is almost glad it happened.
To do this effectively, it is wise to pull a team together and ask questions like “What could go wrong?” and “What can we do about it now?” Other good questions to ask and explore are “What are some of our most common errors?” and “What exactly do we do that annoys our customers?” Think carefully about each and every moment of truth. Annoyed customers are not raving fans. Get out and actually talk to customers. Surveys can be useful, but there is nothing as telling as honest, candid, immediate feedback on the front line. Train your team to observe customer body language, facial expressions of tone of voice. This is very telling “intelligence” that surveys do not show. Great service organizations know how to read people and respond quickly.

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