Be Sure to “Walk The Talk”

“Walking The Talk” is a requirement for today’s leaders. It’s just another way of saying … practice what you preach.

Here are a few “Walk The Talk” leadership behaviors from the bestseller 144 Ways to Walk The Talk that I particularly like:
1. Create a list of desired results (end states) when planning tasks and projects. By evaluating potential activities against the list, you’ll maintain focus and increase your chances of achieving the results you want.
2. Become a Continuous Learning Machine. Set a personal goal to learn something new about your job, about your organization, or about your professional discipline every week.
3. Work with team members to develop a common (shared) definition for “intelligent risk taking” – to be used as a guideline for future activities.
4. Remember with authority comes the responsibility to use it wisely, sparingly, and for the benefit of your entire team. The organization can bestow a leadership title, but it’s up to you to really earn it.
And remember … when you Walk The Talk you, your team and your organization get BIG results!
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144 Ways to Walk The Talk

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