Demonstrate Leadership Courage

Effective leaders need the courage to do what needs to be done … to do what they know is the right thing. Courage is about having the guts, nerve, and heart to do things that foster and support progress. Here are a few strategies that every leader should focus on:

Accept Responsibility

Courageous leaders avoid the temptations to fix blame and focus on the past. They opt, instead, to focus their attention on the future … on ways to solve situations as they are. If you have the courage to take blame words out of your vocabulary and accept responsibility to move forward, there’s a good chance that your team will follow your lead. When that happens, everyone wins.

Create Positive Change

The changes you lead people through today may not have a dramatic effect on the history of humankind, but they can have positive impacts on the professional lives of your team members. It takes courage to move others out of their comfort zones and into uncharted waters. There can be resistance at every point in the process. Therefore, you have to stay at least one step ahead – always focused on the results to be achieved. Embrace change because when you stop changing, you stop improving.

Hire and Promote the Best

When you have an open position, look upon that challenge as a great opportunity. Surrounding yourself with extraordinary talent is not just an important part of your job – it’s also critical to your success! You have the ability to make a tremendous difference in the make-up and performance of your team. Have the courage to “hire tough so that you can manage easy” … and reap the other rewards that come with it.

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