The 3 R's

One of our most important jobs as leaders is to guide, assist, and inspire our people to do their very best work … to “work right.” For that to happen, we must model – and help our team members master – “THE 3 R’s”

  1. Building RESPECT,
  3. Achieving RESULTS.

Here are a few specific things within each category for you to demonstrate, yourself – and establish as expectations for everyone in your group:


  • Concentrate on Courtesy – Be considerate of others.
  • Make “The Mission” Matter – Respect the organization’s purpose and everyone’s part in it.
  • Share the Spotlight – Acknowledge others’ contributions.


  • Shoulder Your Share – Do your part as a team player.
  • Manage Your Mistakes – Own, admit to, fix and learn from your errors.
  • Share Your Skills – Pass along what you know and do well to help others succeed.


  • Go with Great Goals – Plan your work, work your plan, and aim high.
  • Focus on Fixes – Offer solutions instead of lamenting over problems.
  • Savor Successes – Be a cheerleader for positive contributions.
Lead Well … Lead Right,

This Leadership Solution is from the book:

Work Right

Straight-Talk Strategies for Personal and Professional Success

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