Powerful Leadership Lesson from Chris Novak

Here’s a powerful “Leadership Lesson” from Chris Novak, author of an exciting new book titled Inspired to Succeed.
“Absence is not a reward for excellence. As a leadership coach, I cannot count the times that I have counseled professionals to spend time with their best team members. Too often, leaders develop the mistaken notion that their strongest players are the ones they don’t need to spend time with; they don’t need to attend their functions or workplace.
Nothing could be farther from the leadership truth. When leaders spend time with their high-performing or high-potential team members, it signals their support and motivates their continued growth.
Time is one of the most precious commodities we can offer, so when we spend time with another person we acknowledge their value and reward their effort. We do not need an agenda or an action plan or a punch-list for time spent with our top performers; our presence is simply enough.
They will take that motivation and run with it.”

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Inspired to Succeed

12 Powerful Lessons to Develop Leadership Excellence

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~Eric Harvey
President & CEO

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