How to Hire and Promote The Best, Brightest and Most Productive People

For many of us, our pool of qualified talent is quickly evaporating … and relief is nowhere in sight. Companies that used to go after competitors’ customers, now chase after competitors’ best employees. Attracting and retaining high quality employees might be one of today’s most pressing business challenges and, one way or another, you will be affected.

There is no one simple solution to this leadership challenge, but there are a whole host of leadership attitudes and behaviors that can help make your workplace “magnetic” … able to “attract and retain the best and brightest!” Here are a few of my favorites from the bestseller 180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture:

  • Invest in education. Devoting time and resources to developing people (and yourself) will provide significant and sustained bottom-line results. When you deal with many competing priorities, it’s often easy to adopt a “we’ll do it tomorrow” perspective. But as we all know, sometimes tomorrow never comes!
  • Thin your herd of “sacred cows”! Let’s face it, some of the “ways we do things around here” (a.k.a. sacred cows) may have contributed to your past successes, but they also may limit your success in the future! Occasionally, go on a “roundup” and thin the herd where necessary.
  • Provide freedom with fences. Empowerment and participative decision making do NOT mean that everyone participates in all decisions equally! You do, however, need to provide high performers with a “large playing field” in which to exercise their creativity and initiative, and you need to clearly define their “fences” (i.e. boundaries, authority, timetables, budgets, etc.).
  • Another good source is all the good employees you now have! New hires that are referred by current employees are more likely to be successful and stay on the job. Why? Because current employees tend to give candidates solid information about the job, and they typically have high standards for those they would like to have as colleagues.

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180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture

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