Your Recognition Check List

There is certainly no shortage of research and expert opinions on the positive impact of recognition in a workplace. Studies continually show that recognition fosters job satisfaction, builds self-esteem, and reinforces desired performance. It supports quality, strengthens trust and loyalty, and helps shape a “magnetic culture” that attracts and retains the very best and brightest people. Listed below is a recognition checklist from Nuts ‘n Bolts Leadership that will help you acknowledge good results and reinforce the positive performance of your team members.

Recognition Checklist:

  • TIMELY – Don’t wait. Give recognition as soon as possible after the good performance takes place. Praise tends to lose its effectiveness with the passing of time.
  • SPECIFIC – Tell the person exactly what they did that was good. A mere “nice job” really doesn’t say all that much. Being specific lets the person know what behaviors to repeat in the future.
  • SINCERE – Insincere praise is usually worse than none at all. Be honest and open. Tell the person what their performance means to you personally.
  • INDIVIDUAL – Focus on individuals rather than groups. Fact is, not all team members contribute equally.
  • PERSONAL – Adjust the style and method of your recognition to the receiver. Some people like public praise, some prefer private discussions. Give “different strokes to different folks.” Not sure what they prefer? Ask!
  • PROPORTIONAL – Match the amount and intensity of recognition to the achievement. Going overboard for small stuff will make people question your motives.

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