Daily Quote: Ask Yourself…

Ask yourself this question today:
“Am I growing or dying?”
If your answer is dying, make the decision today to become more aware and begin growing

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Secrets of the World Class

Turning Mediocrity into Greatness

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Daily Quote: An Example

“Nothing is so contagious as an example.
We never do great good or great evil without bringing
about more of the same on the part of others.”

~ Francois Rochefoucauld

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Change is Good … You Go First
21 Ways to Inspire Change 

Change Is Good You Go First

The Right to Lead

Do you think you have earned the right to lead? Do you display the qualities that others feel compelled to follow?

The characteristics that define true leaders are tackled in The Right To Lead by John Maxwell. And there’s no better person to provide insight on the subject.

An internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author, John has sold more than 18 million books. His organizations have trained more than two million leaders worldwide. In The Right To Lead, you’ll read about people who have earned the right to lead others. They display the key qualities that made them worthy of followers: action, vision, sacrifice, risk, determination, service and integrity.
Today, I’d like to share the introduction from The Right To Lead.

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT,

Excerpted from The Right To Lead by John Maxwell

What Gives a Man or Woman the Right to Lead?
It certainly isn’t gained by election or appointment. Having position, title, rank or degrees doesn’t qualify anyone to lead other people. And the ability doesn’t come automatically from age or experience, either.
No, it would be accurate to say that no one can be given the right to lead. The right to lead can only be earned. And that takes time.
The Kind of Leader Others Want to Follow
The key to becoming an effective leader is not to focus on making other people follow, but on making yourself the kind of person they want to follow. You must become someone others can trust to take them where they want to go.
As you prepare yourself to become a better leader, use the following guidelines to help you grow:
1. Let go of your ego.
The truly great leaders are not in leadership for personal gain. They lead in order to serve other people. Perhaps that is why Lawrence D. Bell remarked, “Show me a man who cannot bother to do little things, and I’ll show you a man who cannot be trusted to do big things.”
2. Become a good follower first.
Rare is the effective leader who didn’t learn to become a good follower first. That is why a leadership institution such as the United States Military Academy teaches its officers to become effective followers first – and why West Point has produced more leaders than the Harvard Business School.
3. Build positive relationships.
Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. That means it is by nature relational. Today’s generation of leaders seem particularly aware of this because title and position mean so little to them. They know intuitively that people go along with people they get along with.
4. Work with excellence.
No one respects and follows mediocrity. Leaders who earn the right to lead give their all to what they do. They bring into play no only their skills and talents, but also great passion and hard work. They perform on the highest level of which they are capable.
5. Rely on discipline, not emotion.
Leadership is often easy during the good times. It’s when everything seems to be against you – when you’re out of energy, and you don’t want to lead – that you earn your place as a leader. During every season of life, leaders face crucial moments when they must choose between gearing up or giving up. To make it through those times, rely on the rock of discipline, not the shifting sand of emotion.
6. Make added value your goal.
When you look at the leaders whose names are revered long after they have finished leading, you find that they were men and women who helped people to live better lives and reach their potential. That is the highest calling of leadership – and its highest value.
7. Give your power away.
One of the ironies of leadership is that you become a better leader by sharing whatever power you have, not by saving it all for yourself. You’re meant to be a river, not a reservoir. If you use your power to empower others, your leadership will extend far beyond your grasp.
From the book: The Right To Lead

Learning Leadership Through Character and Courage

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Daily Quote: Time to check your alignment

“Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther
when the wheels are in perfect alignment,
you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals and
values are in balance.”

~Brian Tracy

Found in the book:

Good to the Core
Building Values with Values

Good To The Core


The Power of Kindness

“Kindness is like a snowball that’t rolling down a hill.
Each unselfish act or word is another snowflake that greets the others …
creating something much larger than itself in the process.”

~ Mac Anderson

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 The Power of Kindness 

The Power of Kindness

Daily Quote: A Smile

“A smile is the shortest distance between two people.”

~Victor Borge

Found in the book:

The 100/0 Principle
The Secret of Great Relationships

The 100/0 Principle

How to Hire and Promote The Best, Brightest and Most Productive People

For many of us, our pool of qualified talent is quickly evaporating … and relief is nowhere in sight. Companies that used to go after competitors’ customers, now chase after competitors’ best employees. Attracting and retaining high quality employees might be one of today’s most pressing business challenges and, one way or another, you will be affected.

There is no one simple solution to this leadership challenge, but there are a whole host of leadership attitudes and behaviors that can help make your workplace “magnetic” … able to “attract and retain the best and brightest!” Here are a few of my favorites from the bestseller 180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture:

  • Invest in education. Devoting time and resources to developing people (and yourself) will provide significant and sustained bottom-line results. When you deal with many competing priorities, it’s often easy to adopt a “we’ll do it tomorrow” perspective. But as we all know, sometimes tomorrow never comes!
  • Thin your herd of “sacred cows”! Let’s face it, some of the “ways we do things around here” (a.k.a. sacred cows) may have contributed to your past successes, but they also may limit your success in the future! Occasionally, go on a “roundup” and thin the herd where necessary.
  • Provide freedom with fences. Empowerment and participative decision making do NOT mean that everyone participates in all decisions equally! You do, however, need to provide high performers with a “large playing field” in which to exercise their creativity and initiative, and you need to clearly define their “fences” (i.e. boundaries, authority, timetables, budgets, etc.).
  • Another good source is all the good employees you now have! New hires that are referred by current employees are more likely to be successful and stay on the job. Why? Because current employees tend to give candidates solid information about the job, and they typically have high standards for those they would like to have as colleagues.

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT,


From the book:

180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture

Practical “How To’s” For Retaining, Attracting, and Hiring The Best, Brightest, and Most Productive People

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Daily Quote: One Choice

“Sometimes one single choice not only changes the direction of our lives,
but that of many, many others.”

~Mac Anderson

Found in the book:

One Choice

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Welcome the Rain

This movie will change the way you think about things.

Daily Quote: Let Go of Grudges

“To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee.”

~William H. Walton

Found in the book:

Charging the Human Battery

50 Ways to MOTIVATE Yourself

 Charging the Human Battery. 50 Ways to Motivate Yourself

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