Leadership Challenge 4/26/12

Friday Leadership Lessons Blog Challenge


Let’s do it again! Answer the following question (as a comment below) for a chance to win a FREE COPY OF the beautiful Walk the Talk hard-cover gift book. Now, here is today’s Friday Leadership Challenge question …

What are some ways that managers can most effectively work with their remote or virtual employees?

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  • Lbetterton

    Communication – feedback
    those out in the field sometimes feel left out
    they need to be kept in the loop as to what is going on at home base
    they also need to be recognised for the day-to-day work
    they need to know corporate doesn’t only think about them when things go wrong or complaints are made

    • Nicole Schoychid

      Great point that they “need to know corporate doesn’t only think about them when things go wrong or complaints are made”!

  • Pat

    Don’t forget who they are and what they contribute to your organization
    Involve them in everyday operations and seek their opinions and feedback
    Take time for voice communication, they will appreciate you care
    Include them in organization status reports
    Give them feedback on how they are doing
    Feature them in your internal newsletter with picture, so everyone gets to know their colleagues

  • Jimshields

    For remotely- located employees … It’s essential that they have a written Performance Contract that includes the 4-5 target objectives as well as numeric goals to be achieved.


    Annual Objective. Basic. Target. Outstanding

    1. Enroll Clients Executive Course. 12. 18. 24


  • Samuel Sudhakar

    Communicate clearly and frequently through mutliple communications channels. Set clear expectations and timelines. Provide timely and constructive feedback. Appreciate and celebrate milestones and achievements.

  • angel gabriel

    communication among team members is one of the key success factors in working effectively. when working with virtual employees there are real challenges in real time communication especially when urgent decisions need to be made. to address this issue, it is critical that date and time are agreed as to when the “all hands” meeting will be held, follow-up and wrap up sessions. it becomes more challenging when there are cross border employees who may be in different time zones. in this situation, it is critical to identify a time that will be convenient to most of the participants and if it can’t be avoided that some participants may need to stay late or wake up early, the manager or the leader should volunteer to be one of those who will make the adjustment rather than him choosing a convenient time for him while the other participants adjust to his.

    a clear agenda for the meeting or discussion must be sent in advance to all participants and if there are materials that need to be read in advance they should be made available to all in a timely manner.

    a clear communication, schedule and agenda are critical to effectively working with virtual teams.

  • Judesw

    Be present to listen when they call. Ask questions… especially what they need from you. Communicate often, not just when there is a problem. Use phone, email or text whatever works best for them… but voice time is important. Make sure they feel connected to the team and are included in apprecations.

  • Maniarrajeev

    Two way Communication is important aspect for getting things done by a Manager with his employees. Give them a chance to speak and understand them first. It can be done by opening a simple question at the start of the day like What are your Plans today? or At the end of the day – Did you achieve what you planned today? Motivate him to do better if he was not able to do it and if he has achieved congratulate for success. Occassionally a small gift like a Pen / Book / Movie tickets.should be sent to build his love for the work and the organisation.

  • GAMH

    I set up a weekly TEAM call to discuss what the team needs to know such as …. changes that are going on within the industry, within our company and/or department. I also have a standing 1-1 conference call with each employee every week. This 1-1 conversation includes both work and personal topics. This allows me to stay in touch and continues to strengthen my relationship with each employee. Every quarter, I make a trip to meet with each employee on-site. Having all of these different touch points required a huge time commitment on my part, but it is well worth it because my employees know how important they are and I value them by giving them top priorities.

  • Nicole Schoychid

    Thank you to everyone that sent in a response this week, there are some really great ideas here! We are sending the winning book this week to GAMH.”. PLEASE check back for more leadership challenges…we LOVE hearing from each of you. And thanks for supporting us. We value each and everyone one of you. Have a great day!!