“Based on your experience, what is it that truly effective and highly respected leaders DO?”

In his powerful new book Hey Leader, Wake Up and Hear the Feedback!, author Eric Harvey included 145 ideas from contributors who answered the following question:

“Based on your experience,
what is it that truly effective and highly respected leaders DO?”

Here are three of my favorite “Wake Up and Hear the Feedback” contributions:

1. Truly effective leaders empower their employees to make decisions. When leaders make all of the small decisions, they have effectively paralyzed themselves by forcing their teams into dependent states. Their teams can very easily become dependent to the point of lacking the confidence to make even the smallest calls. When this happens, a leader’s office becomes a revolving door of constant interruption. He or she has no time to look at the big picture and drive the direction of the team – becoming too caught up in details instead of the direction. Allowing and even requiring a team to make decisions will free up a leader’s time so that he or she can focus on the “forest” instead of the “trees.” Delegating these decisions will also instill a sense of ownership and responsibility in team members and lead to better results and greater accountability on an ongoing basis. ~Jodi Beyer, Odessa, Texas.

2. Listen to the intelligence that lies within the room. Openly encourage your staff to willingly challenge your way of thinking which in turn will encourage growth on a personal and business level. ~Bill Elmer, The Hills District, NSW, Australia

3. The best leaders are ones who think INTENTION FIRST. Motivate your team by describing the intentions behind goals – the purpose, the action steps needed to reach the goals, what results you are working toward, and the attitudes necessary to get the end results. Your team will be more productive when they know the intention first. ~Beth Camille Byram, Coto de Caza, California

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT,

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    I am so excited about my feedback being printed in this book! What great information to learn from all these leaders and sharing our passion of building our businesses! Thank YOU! Changing Skin, Changing Lives! To learn more visit my website: http://www.face2face.myrandf.com or email me: face2face@cox.net Beth Camille Byram