Some "Just In Time" Tips

Getting everyone on board, focused and working towards the achievement of common goals can be challenging for leaders of all levels. Ultimately, however, it boils down to turning our good intentions into predictable day to day practices. Here are a few “Just In Time” tips for you and your leaders to consider:
  • Teach Business Literacy. One powerful way to build employee commitment is to teach them the business of the business. The more people understand how your organization operates, the better they’ll be able to contribute to your overall mission and the bottom line … and feel like they truly are a part of your success.
  • Address Performance Problems Early.One of the surest ways to damage commitment is allowing some people in your group to get away with sub-par work. When that happens, others have to pick up the slack. You owe it to the rest of the team to address an employee’s deficiencies as soon as you become aware of them. Waiting only increases the intensity of everyone else’s bad feelings.
  • “Spread the Wealth.” Rotate drudge work so that everyone shares part of that routine, less exciting load. Likewise, spread around the high-profile assignments so that each team member has an occasional opportunity to strut his or her stuff.
  • Grow the Job to Grow the Person.Once someone has mastered a job, look for ways to increase their responsibilities and the depth of their tasks. And by all means, involve them in that process. If the job is not expanded – or if there is no challenge to stretch and grow – employees are more likely to become complacent and less committed.
  • Obliterate Their Obstacles. Ask each member of your work group to identify the three most significant obstacles that negatively affect their performance (e.g., faulty equipment, a shortage of needed supplies and information, unclear instructions, prohibitive or obsolete procedures, etc.). Create a master list and start working to eliminate as many of them as you can. Remember that it’s much easier for employees to get and stay committed when they don’t have to “Fight the system” in order to do a good job!

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