Communication Tips for Leaders at All Levels

Communication Tips for Leaders at All Levels

Let’s face it, when surveys are conducted and employees are asked “what is the biggest problem around here,” the number one issue is always communication!  Effective communication is essential to both run a successful organization, but also enhance commitment, creditability and collaboration.  In the bestseller “Peer Today Boss Tomorrow” author Laura Bernstein outlines some important communication tips and techniques for each of us to remember and apply:

Keep it real.   Most people are turned-off by what they perceive as unrealistic claims, goals, and promises. There are no “cure alls” in the world … and your coworkers know it. When it comes to communicating your message, be positive and upbeat – tell it like you see it … just don’t “oversell” it.

Avoid “data dumps.”  Narrow your verbal and written communication down to no more than three key points. Bombard people with more information than they can handle (or remember) all they’ll tune out.

Use a “what’s in it for you” approach.  Nothing fosters support and acceptance better than personal benefit. Emphasize how the subject of your communication (a plan, policy, decision, etc.) will benefit the audience and you’ll increase receptivity for your message.

Find out how you’re doing. Have team members and colleagues critique your communications skills. Ask everyone to respond (anonymously), in writing, to the following question: “What two things can I do to be a more effective communicator?” Thank people for their willingness to provide you with input. And make sure you ACT on the information you receive.

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT

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