How to Recognize Good Performance

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned manager, a novice just starting in a leadership position, or someone in the middle of the experience continuum, you need to be effective … you need to be successful. You owe that to your team members and you owe that to your organization. Most importantly, you owe it to YOURSELF.
One of the important “Commandments” in the best seller The 10 Commandments of Leadership is to “Do Right by those who Do Right.” Providing recognition and positive reinforcement of a team members actions, is perhaps the single most predictable way that these positive outcomes are not only sustained by that individual but also become “role model” behaviors for their co-workers.  And, it is up to each leader to “ Do Right by those who Do Right.”  And, make sure the recognition you provide is…

TIMELY – Don’t wait. Acknowledge the performance or contribution as soon as possible after it takes place. Praise tends to lose its effectiveness with the passing of time.

SPECIFIC – Tell team members exactly what they did that was right and good. A mere “nice job” doesn’t really say all that much. Being specific lets employees know exactly what behaviors to repeat in the future.

INDIVIDUAL – Focus on individuals rather than groups. Fact is, not all team members contribute equally – and they know it.

PERSONAL – Adjust the style and method of your recognition to each receiver. Some people like public praise … others prefer private chats; some respond well to tangible tokens … others would rather have some extra time off.

PROPORTIONAL – Match the amount and intensity of your recognition to the value of the achievement. Going overboard for small contributions may lead people to question your motives.

Lead well … LEAD RIGHT

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