Live Your Life Like It Matters

Here are some powerful tips to help you and others to Live Your Life Like It Matters:

•Choose to be enthusiastic at work today. If you encounter anyone who is being critical or negative, spread some sunshine their way. Your enthusiasm can positively affect others. Misery might love company, but enthusiasm is contagious! Help others catch it!
•Challenge yourself to “raise the bar.” Set personal goals to improve your job and the interactions that are a part of your daily routine. Compete against YOU – don’t compare yourself with others or wait for someone else to elevate your performance.
•At the end of each day, or project, or week: replay your performance. Take an inventory of what you did well, and what you can do better. Learn from your successes and from those things you didn’t handle that well.  As you consider all your activities, where do you see potential areas of improvement? Truly effective people wear an invisible sign that reads…

Working to be better today than yesterday – and better tomorrow than today!

 Lead well … LEAD RIGHT

Today’s Leadership Solution comes from the Book:

180 Ways to Live your Life like it Matters

180 Ways to Live Your Life Like It Matters

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