Coaching, a Leadership Strategy to Produce Sustained Results

Coaching, a Leadership Strategy to Produce Sustained Results

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Leaders at every level play important roles in their respective organizations. Many are subject matter experts, many have highly refined customer service skills, and many have the ability to solve complex problems. However, the most effective and respected leaders also have the ability to coach, train and give others the skills and confidence they need to be successful.

Coaching has a leadership skill, it is an important vehicle to help other accomplish goals. Here are five important goal attainment considerations you can use as you coach others:

  • Where are you starting from / what is your current situation?
  • Set a deadline / date to accomplish the goal.
  • Identify the obstacles to overcome.
  • Determine whose help you will need to accomplish the goal.
  • How are you going to accomplish the goal? Specifically list the activities required as well as the priority of activities.

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