Solve Workplace "People Problems"

Solve Workplace “People Problems”

To help you deal with workplace “People Problems” and become an effective coach and outstanding leader, here are a few “inside” management perspectives for your consideration:

~ There is a work climate already existing on your team.  It may be negative and cynical, or just the opposite – positive and exciting.  Or it could be a little of both … or somewhere in between.  Some kind of climate does exist, however, and it is constantly changing.  It’s your job to monitor the climate and make any adjustments necessary to improve performance.

~ Coaching is not a popularity contest.  Coaching is about enhancing your team’s performance.

~ Coaching poor performers will not be easy or fun.  It’s just as tough to point out performance problems as it is to hear about them, so don’t expect coaching poor performers to be fun.

~ Your team is depending on you!  The biggest obstacles to effective team performance are people who don’t carry their share of the load.  So it comes down to this:  Your team is counting on you to address employee performance problems … now!

~ Changing employee performance isn’t your responsibility.  Your responsibility is to coach and provide feedback.  The employees must make the decision to improve their performance … or change where they work.  It is their call.

Today’s Leadership Solution is from:

The Workplace Problem Solving Trio

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 The Workplace Problem Solving Trio includes:

  • The Manager’s Coaching Handbook
  • Positive Discipline: How to Resolve Tough Performance Problems Quickly … and Permanently
  • What to Do When Conflict Happens