A Powerful New “How to” Handbook for Teachers: 180 Ways to Enhance Your Success as a Teacher.

A Powerful New “How to” Handbook for Teachers: A+ TEACHING: 180 Ways to Enhance Your Success as a Teacher.

This powerful “must read” book Learn more here is filled with practical activities, tips, and strategies to apply in daily teaching activities.  They come from author, Louise Paris, an experienced educator – and over 90 teachers, parents and students, worldwide, who have contributed ideas based on their own educational experiences.

Being a teacher comes with a great deal of joy, satisfaction, and personal fulfillment…but also comes with a backpack full of challenges.  Ultimately, it’s a teacher’s job to guide students in becoming caring, productive citizens who have acquired the intellectual and social skills to be contributing members of society.

Effective teaching is demanding work!  It involves developing impressive communication skills, being organized, setting daily goals, and having a willingness to make changes.  It means knowing your curriculum well, being able to successfully assess learning, interpret data, and use those results to drive instruction.  A+ Teaching is even more demanding!  It goes far beyond the practice of delivering curriculum and assessing learning.  It’s about balance – the balance between the act of teaching and the interactions of a kind-hearted human.  One without the other limits any teacher’s potential for greatness.

Most teachers are dedicated and effective professionals.  They work diligently and do their jobs well.  But just as it’s important for today’s students to continually improve; it’s equally important for educators.  This insightful book will help them do just that.  “Whether you are a new or experienced teacher – no matter if you teach preschool, elementary, or high school…there’s something in this book for you!”  Louise Paris

Start the school year off right with A+ Teaching.  It is the one book you will want all your teaching staff reading and using today!

A+ TEACHING is available in both Softcover Book AND digital E-book format at WalkTheTalk.Com and on Amazon.com. 

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About the Author:

Louise Paris has over thirty-four years as a classroom teacher.  Since leaving the classroom, she has continued her work in education through her workshops, classes, and volunteer work for organizations that promote literacy.

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