Want to Spread Contagious Enthusiasm with Your Team?

Want to Spread Contagious Enthusiasm with Your Team?

Well here are a few answers and then a question!

First some “ways” to consider:

  • Hold “grapevine” meetings (informal meetings with an open agenda giving all employees a chance to set rumors straight) at least once a month to enhance communication and get worries and concerns out in the open.
  • Start every meeting with 3 minutes of “Good News.” Ask people in the room to share any good thing that has happened to them, to their family, in their community and especially in your organization.
  • Choose one day a week as your “A”(Appreciation) Day. Do not leave the office without writing a thank you note, leaving a voice mail message, or sending an email to thank someone for doing good work.

Now the question…

What are some other effective “ways” to spread Contagious Enthusiasm?

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We will post a selection of the best responses on our website.

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