Is Motivation Important? You're &%# Right It Is!

Is Motivation Important? You’re &%# Right It Is!

When individuals and teams are motivated, extraordinary things happen.  Employees don’t simply perform their jobs; they attack them – eager to make contributions. And the results are obvious:  customers are delighted, the workplace is energized, innovations – large and small – happen with regularity, revenues are healthy, and the organization continually grows and develops.

So how can you motivate your team members to be more involved and engaged in their jobs? Well, the academic answer is you can’t! Motivation is internal – it comes from deep within each of us. The only person who can truly motivate a person is the person. But, although you can’t control motivation, you certainly can affect it. You can create conditions where employees want to be motivated and therefore motivate themselves. And here’s one you can take to the bank: With few exceptions, all people want to achieve, contribute, and be a part of something special. Our inherent drive challenges us to achieve. Your task as a leader is to harness and nurture that drive … to feed it and help it to grow.

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The 10 Commandments of Leadership

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