A "Straight Talk" Leadership Reminder

A “Straight Talk” Leadership Reminder

You have a title. But, do your people have a leader?

Fact is, having a leadership position and being a leader are not one and the same. Your position is something that was bestowed on you … something you were appointed to … something you became eligible for by being a good performer in the past. What you did “yesterday,” as an employee, helped you get the title or classification you hold today. And that’s exactly what your position is: a title, a classification.

Being a true leader, however, is much different. “Leader” is a descriptor – a label that you EARN through specific behaviors. It’s based on what you do today, and what you will do tomorrow – not what’s printed on your business card or on your email address. And earning the label of “leader” requires that you think and act in ways that are considerably different from what you did before you were promoted. Simply put:

In order to be a leader, you must do the things that leaders do … and you must do them well.

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