What Does It Take to Be a “Best In Class” Leader?

What Does It Take to Be a “Best In Class” Leader?

The answer is good leadership behaviors. And, here are three positive examples from this “180 Ways” handbook:

#8  Welcome ideas that are NOT your own. Be open to what others have to say without getting defensive. Make it okay for others to share their ideas – even if those ideas conflict with yours.

#52 Manage your meetings. Nothing drains the energy out of a team more than wasting time in meetings. There’s no question that some meetings are critical, but the fact is that not every topic or issue requires face-to-face interaction. Find and use resources that will help you implement fewer, shorter, and more productive meetings.

#141 Delegate responsibility…and authority. Assign a big job to one of your more promising team members. Encourage him or her to develop a work plan, make decisions, solve problems, and be accountable for results.

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