How to Lead From a Distance

How to Lead From a Distance

One of the most important and fundamental characteristics of a successful team is trust. And, research on teams indicates that familiarity is a major contributor to building co-worker trust. Here are a few familiarity trust builders for your consideration that are especially important when face-to-face time is limited:

  • Talking with them regularly by telephone.
  • Scheduling face-to-face meetings periodically, whenever possible.
  • Using every available minute when you’re visiting on-site offices to see and talk with team members. These face-to-face connections are important in bridging the distance when people are not physically working together.
  • Using all available technology (e-mail, fax, voice mail, telephone, web conferences, videoconferencing, instant messaging) to stay connected and “visible” within your team.
  • Making a point to remember birthdays and acknowledge special accomplishments of your team members and associates.

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How To Lead From A Distance

Building Bridges in the Virtual Workplace

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