Strategies For Dealing With Change

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Strategies For Dealing With Change

Laurie Calzada has put together a great compliment of tips and techniques for dealing with that big fat “change monster.” Here are a few of those “ways” for your consideration:

#1. FOCUS ON PAST RESULTS. Write down several benefits of change that you have experienced in the last year. Review your list periodically as a reminder of how change has been beneficial for you and the organization.

#71. STOP THE WHINING!  Nobody likes to hear a complainer. When change has become inevitable, complaining becomes wasted energy. Tell people to take that energy and channel it toward improving the situation.

#152. BE UPBEAT AND POSITIVE. You are your best cheerleader. “It isn’t if you win or lose, but it is how you play the game.” If your team is losing the game, you still have to cheer them on. If you stop cheering, your team just may stop trying.

180 Ways To Effectively Deal With Change

Today’s tips come from: 180 Ways To Effectively Deal With Change Get Over It! Get With It! Get To It

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