How Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

How Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

In the best-selling book The Power of 10%, my friends Eric Harvey and Michelle Sedas gave me a reminder I’d like to share with you:

To improve ourselves, we do not need to tackle everything all at once. In fact, expecting a 100% total transformation is unrealistic and will set us up for failure. We will get much greater results by concentrating on small areas since all aspects of our lives are connected.

Just think how powerful these 10% changes could be if:

  • you spent 10% more time on your personal development?
  • you improved your golf score by 10%?
  • you did 10% more to go after your goals?

If we focus on making targeted 10% improvements, we will find that other areas in our lives will be positively impacted as well. It is this collective strength, this momentum, that underlies The Power of 10%.

The Power of 10$

Today’s Leadership Solution comes from: The Power of 10%

How Small Changes Can Make A BIG Difference