How to Encourage Good Performance

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How to Encourage Good Performance

It’s human nature for employees to want to be encouraged and to know how managers perceive their performance. The most effective encouragement is positive feedback – it’s also the best way to reinforce positive performance. Here are some guidelines for giving positive feedback:

  • Be sincere.  Giving positive feedback can backfire if it’s not perceived as genuine. Most people are experts, or at least think they are, at reading the sincerity of their manager. Faking positive feedback is risky. Be sincere…or wait until you can be.
  • Be quick.  The sooner you give feedback after the behavior you’re trying to reinforce, the better your results will be. If you only give positive feedback at performance review time or on other formal occasions, you miss a major leverage point for improving productivity.
  • Give feedback often.  There’s a significant difference in the perceptions of managers and their followers as to how often positive feedback is given. Don’t be fooled into thinking you recognize positive behavior too often. Do it twice as often as you think you should, and you’ll have a good chance of meeting your employees’ needs.

The Manager’s Communication Handbook

Today’s tips come from: The Manager’s Communication Handbook

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