We ALL Have to Walk The Talk

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We ALL Have to Walk The Talk

Here’s a perspective from Walking The Talk Together that is a good reminder for us all:

Don’t know about you, but the more we read the newspaper or watch the evening news, the more we find that a lot of people are just plain shirking responsibility.  From public officials who abuse their power, to “deadbeat” parents who financially and emotionally abandon their kids, a growing number of “grown-ups” seem to be looking for a free ride on the road of non-responsibility. When that happens, we all see and feel the results firsthand…and they’re not positive at all.

Fortunately, most of the folks we work with do a pretty decent job of accepting and meeting the responsibilities that come with growing older and with the choices made along the way. But let’s face it, we are human – we all occasionally pass the buck, dodge the duty, and transfer some of our share of the load to others. And that’s pretty much what we end up doing at work if we allow ourselves to assume that following organizational values and goals is exclusively the job of “the people in charge” – or any other group for that matter.

Sure, leaders are supposed to take the lead and set the example…top management has a big responsibility for practicing what the organization preaches. But that responsibility extends to managers, supervisors, team leaders, and individual contributors as well. Just as civil laws are intended for more than only lawmakers, religious principles apply to more than just religious leaders, and family rules are meant for more than just parents, so it is with workplace values and principles. They’re relevant for more than just executives; they’re everyone’s responsibility – yours and ours.

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