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Dealing with Change

Finger pointing and griping rarely solve the challenges of dealing with change, but understanding others’ viewpoints is always a critical consideration. Here are two viewpoints – both right, yet very different!

A Message About Change
From Employees to Managers:

Like you, I’m learning that continuous change and life are one and the same. But some changes are a lot easier to swallow than others. I’m basically okay with doing things differently to keep up with our competitors. But I do reject those changes that are sometimes required because someone screwed up and didn’t think things through. Maybe if you asked my opinion a little more often, that wouldn’t happen.

A Message About Change
From Managers to Employees:

Maybe you see me as the instigator or “perpetrator” of change. If you do, to a degree you’re right. Sponsoring and supporting change is one of my responsibilities – and it’s an absolute necessity in order to keep our organization successful and protect our jobs. But besides being a source of change, I’m also a victim of it. And when it comes “rolling downhill,” I end up having to make as many adjustments as anyone else.

Walk Awhile in My Shoes

Today’s perspectives come from the two-books-in-one bestseller: Walk Awhile In MY Shoes

Gut-Level, Real-World Messages
From Employees to Managers
And From Managers to Employees

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