Getting Good at Getting Along

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Getting Good at Getting Along

 Let’s face it: In today’s tough economy, we need everyone working together and getting along!  Here are three important things to remember about “getting along”:

1.  Getting along involves action, doing, moving.
How are you getting along with that project? Is it underway? Is it going as planned? Are you stuck or stymied? Do you need to make adjustments? Are you on schedule?

2.  Getting along means relating well to other people.
How is the new guy doing? Does he “play well with others”? How is your team coming together? Is it a high-functioning group? Do you know how to resolve conflict when it arises? Can you collaborate and compromise effectively?

3.  Getting along is making progress toward a goal.
When people are in action and relating well to others it leads naturally and easily to achievement and success.

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Today’s success tips come from: Just in Time Series: Getting Good at Getting Alongby: BJ Gallagher

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  • David Vittoria

    Fantastic!! Can’t wait to read the book!