Want to Be a Great Leader Like Santa Claus?

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Want to Be a Great Leader Like Santa Claus?

Well here are a few leadership tips directly from the “big guy” himself:

  • Get your people involved in decision making, strategy setting, procedure development, and problem solving
  • Delegate extensively and avoid “micromanaging” them
  • Celebrate accomplishments and successes
  • Provide your folks with highly specialized training and other career-growth opportunities
  • Show interest in people’s work…and their lives away from work
  • Hold their coworkers accountable for doing their jobs so that your “super stars” don’t have to pick up the slack
  • Avoid punishing people for good performance (“You did such a good job handling that mess, the next time we get one, we’ll give it to you again.”)

Passport: Do the Right Thing

Today’s success tips come from: The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus: How to Get Big Things Done in Your Workshop…All Year Long

by: Steve Ventura & K. Kringle

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