Leadership versus Friendship – A Common Concern

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Leadership versus Friendship – A Common Concern

Does being a leader mean that I must abandon coworker friendships I developed
and enjoyed as an employee?
Not at all! It does mean, however, that you and your friends must accept the fact that
your relationships are different at work …that you’re the leader. As long as you offer no
special treatment, your friends expect none, and you avoid any improprieties, old friendships
can (and should) continue.
Just remember that this can become a “slippery slope.”  Should you ever find yourself having
to choose between doing your job or keeping a friend, your allegiance must be to the job. But then,
true friend would never put you in that position to begin with.

Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow
Today’s tip comes from Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow
by Laura E. Bernstein

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